About Kinegraphos

The name kinegraphos derives from the Greek origins of the word "cinematography": κίνημα, kinema "movement" and γράφειν, graphein "to record."

The kinegraphos logo is comprised of four graphic elements, each representing an aspect of cinematography.

focal plane symbol

Focus - The international symbol for the focal plane of a camera. This symbol indicates the locus of where the image is captured. With any camera, any lens: the essential work of cinematography comes down to what appears on that plane.

film canister

Film - A film canister, representing what might be inside. A roll of unexposed negative that promises infinite possibilities. A roll of exposed negative that contains the results from the concerted efforts of myriad collaborators. A theatrical print that will immerse an audience in a captivating emotional experience.


1/O - The international symbol for a binary. Most commonly seen on power switches for electronic devices, the symbol consists of a 1 and a 0. As in digital. New tools, new ways of imaging.


The Magic - Evoking both the iris of a human eye and the face of a bright light, this element is intended to convey mystery and wonder. Manipulating light and camera, motion and composition, the cinematographer creates and captures an image for reproduction. In the end it's just light reflected from a screen. But in the eyes of an audience it can mean so much more. Physics with perception. That's the magic.