Joel Spezeski uses light and motion to bring the director’s vision to screen and create a compelling emotional experience for the audience. He consistently delivers quality work on high profile, high-stakes projects with very limited resources.  He works with people from all over the world and has grown adept at collaborating on multi-national, multi-lingual projects.

After taking the conventional Hollywood route of getting an MFA in Film Production from USC with an emphasis in writing and cinematography, Joel took the less conventional route of going to work in Vietnam where he has spent the last four years shooting advertising, television, and features.  In 2010, he had the distinction of shooting Vietnam’s first 3-D feature, Bóng Ma Học Đường.

Joel grew up in the Arizona desert, where the smell of creosote after the rain inspires wanderlust, a thirst for adventure, and an appreciation for fleeting moments of beauty.  When not shooting, Joel writes and collects unique experiences.  In his free time he relaxes in Baja Mexico where he enjoys fishing, sailing, off-roading and rescuing ex-pat retirees from hurricane floodwaters.